World’s First Clean Gas Energy Plant “On The Way”

Locations of Carbon Capture Utilisation projects 2011 - Source Wiki, Author Qazxsw23edc

Happy Christmas in Teesside!

Thousands of jobs “on the way” created by world’s first clean gas energy plant in Teesside.

A group of six global energy companies have unveiled the first planning phase of a natural clean gas power plant. If it established the plant will be the first gas powered energy plant to employ full “Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage” (CCUS) on this scale. This means CO² from the energy system would be captured and stored under the North Sea.

Once fully developed the CCUS technology could also attract more companies into the area that are using innovative ways to use CO² commercially. This could create much more investment into the area to unlock thousands of jobs.

The OGCI Climate Investment consortium is led by six companies – BP, ENI, Equinor, Oxy, Shell and Total. They are responsible for a $1 billion fund to invest in technology to lower the carbon footprint of the energy and industrial sectors. The Tees Valley was selected as the best site and configuration for a CCUS cluster out of 50 other projects because of the mix of current technology companies and their skill set in the existing workforce.

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