Hello my friends, I’m Jon Mullen the Energy Evangelist.

So many of us know that it’s good to save and we occasionally move forward on this resolution. But for most of us this is only a short term commitment. Would you still continue if you believed you could actually save money?

Well according to a number of surveys by big energy companies they believe up to 30% of your business energy is wasted every single month of the year! So add together your annual payments for your electricity, water and gas and then work out 30% of that total. For many companies this will be a saving of multiple thousands of pounds!

So have I got your attention?

I want to help you take little steps each month throughout the year to help you find those savings which are hidden away in plain sight. I’m not a money grabber, but I do believe it is so worthwhile to be aware of how much we are throwing away. As soon as we become aware we will naturally start to make the little changes which will add up to a 30% saving on your utility bills.

But even better I want to help you to build this same attitude into the teams of people around you. One person can make a change, but a team of people with the same attitude can become influencers. Let us become the head and not the tail. We can change our businesses, which can change our suppliers, which can change our clients.

And it all starts from making a change, and walking the path together each month! What changes do you want to see by this time next year?

Come and join us. I’m Jon Mullen the Energy Evangelist. Find out more at www.EnergyEvangelist.co.uk

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