Water Supplier Aquaflow Failure?

Aqua Down The Plughole

Aqua Down The Plughole

Hi folks, it’s Jon here from EnergyPriceSaver.com
We have breaking news from the business utility markets. I’ve just received a client’s letter from United Utilities stating that the client needs to find a new water supplier.

Their supplier was Aquaflow Utilities, and news has just broken that their utility license has been revoked by Ofwat (according to Utility Weekly).

United Utilities has given customers 20 business days for clients to find a new supplier. So EnergyPriceSaver.com would like to offer help to any Aquaflow Utility clients to help them sort out this issue.

So give us a call at EnergyPriceSaver.com (01524 259 200) and we will do all the hard work for you. Thanks, Jon

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