Race To Zero 101 – Part 1

What do I need to do to gain a business advantage?

I’m Jon Mullen the Energy Evangelist and we’re talking about #SaveEnergySaveMoney. 

All that I’m talking about is reforming our businesses to reduce the losses and maximise the profits. I’m approaching this from an energy perspective initially, but it works right throughout your business because we all collect data and use this as business intelligence to make the right decisions.

1) We all want to Gain A Competitive Advantage

Larger supply chain leaders, investors, shareholders, consumers and employees are increasingly looking to find suppliers who are adopting ambitious climate-related targets. Many supply chain leaders are now formalising and requesting credentials for climate and sustainability action in their procurement policies – both from existing suppliers and comparing them to new suppliers. So if you can immediately show your sustainability accounts, then you may have the opportunity to jump ahead of the competition.

2) Manage Business Risk

Climate change represents risk to business cash flow and economic growth, it can increase operating costs, limit resource availability, cause shifts in demand, disrupting supply chains and forcing business closures. Let’s look at it this way – climate change is happening (whether you like it or not), in the UK Brexit has happened (whether you like it or not), currently there are supply shortages (whether you like it or not). We need to look at the risks within our businesses and prepare for tomorrow today.

3) Improve Efficiency, Reduce Costs

Businesses that look to use and manage resources more efficiently can tangibly reduce their operating costs and increase profitability, while improving business resilience. I was listening to an interview with a business leader earlier. They had completed an assessment on their air compressors, and even though the system was less than 4 years old they could replace some of the valves with a newer version and reduce their generation costs by 30% per unit. This meant they could pay for the improvement within four months and increase their profits just because of this small improvement. Get into the habit of continual assessment on a regular time frame, begin to take steps today that are good for your business, for the climate, and for your profit.

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I’m Jon Mullen The Energy Evangelist. Come and find out how to #SaveEnergySaveMoney at EnergyEvangelist.co.uk

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