Reduce your business energy bills today!

Water Gas Electric

Start saving now!


Reduce your business energy bills today!

Water Gas Electric

Start saving now!

Jon Mullen - The Energy Evangelist

Environmental change is happening - We Can Change! 

Do you ever hear/think this? “I just don’t know where to start!” 

Everyone is waiting for the magic solution, but we need to Step Forward Now

Most SME’s waste 30% of their energy every year - source Schneider Electric - Rethink Energy 2019 

Large organisations are painfully aware that their corporation is far from efficient, but a quarter still said they hadn’t implemented ANY energy efficiency measures to reduce bills in the last 12 months. 

It is far easier and less costly to save a unit of energy than it is to create it. 

Money is the key motivator for consumers to reduce energy consumption. 

Do you need someone to walk this path with you? I’m Jon the Energy Evangelist.

Why Do I Care?

I’ve been watching the headlines for many years and the media is always talking about the next big thing whether it be flashy cars which drive themselves, or fusion reactors which will supply all the power needs of the world. 

But currently the desire for energy is always increasing. Very few are saying we need to use less! 

We need to reduce our demand for energy and live within the resources which we already have. We need to use our resources more intelligently and stop wasting good resources by throwing them down the drain. 

Let Jon the Energy Evangelist help you make sense in the middle of chaos. 

I've developed a system that can move anyone from frustrated and confused TO confident and clear with a plan of action to step forward and know how to reduce your energy usage today. 

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Where From?

My journey from a questioning teenager to consultant and director. Then back to self employed and discovering my place on this planet - The Energy Evangelist. 

But why energy? We are the last generation who can consume with such extravagant waste! We have lived beyond our means. Now it is payback time and we need to take control of our children's future. I have been at the bleeding edge of implementing cutting edge control systems for large corporations, and the biggest lesson I have ever learned is Keep It Stupid Simple. If it is simple it will work. 

Lots of help has been available to the big industries, but 60% of business in the UK are SME businesses, and almost half the energy used in the UK is for heat. So how can the SME businesses walk the path of saving energy costs? This is my place! To walk with business owners / directors and their management leaders to take the pain out of the process. 

I show you how to make the first steps along the path of taking money from your energy bill and pushing it back into your cash flow. Then how do we measure the change, and use this information to save even more. We need to use the best tools which are available now to allow us to step into the future. And notice I said all this without the big word of the moment - Sustainability. 

We can walk this path together!


Gillian @ warehouse & logistics company. Jon absolutely went the extra mile for our business and saved us thousands on our water bills, not only does he source the provider, he also then provides advice when setting up the account and ensures everything is in place. We will definitely use him when our gas and electric are up for renewal. What more could you want, a friendly, approachable, efficient person to look after your business utilities. 

Richard @ digital marketing company Jon is very professional and a great team player. He works hard to get you the best deal and is honest with his recommendations. 

About The Energy Evangelist

Jon Mullen is the Energy Evangelist and he is always looking to find the best solutions which work for each business environment. 

A team builder, practical solution finder, company director, business and systems analyst / engineer, commercial electrician, hands-on house developer, charity trustee, and commercial solutions / utility broker. And a few other things. 

Has created multiple train stations on the Hong Kong Mass Transit Railway System (underground system). It was all in the virtual world of software to control the trains! 

A compelling communicator who has a great ability to develop and provide strategic direction within your business and work with your leadership team. 

Walks with company owners and directors to help them find solutions to save the world. One step at a time! 

Let’s continue this conversation!