FREE Save Energy Save Money Masterclass – Thur 10th Sept at 2pm

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Hello my friends, I’m Jon Mullen the Energy Evangelist. How much would you like to save out of your utility bills? Would you be happy to save 30%? I hope I’ve got your attention.

We’re starting up a new masterclass to help business decision makers discover savings on your utilities right across your business. Every month we will be focusing on an area within your organisation. Some of the topics will be lighting, heating ventilation and air-con, or how to save on water usage. Everybody uses these elements.

Each month we will be gathering together in a zoom masterclass to find out how we can reduce waste on each of these elements. Some of the information you will learn from the course leader but you will also learn from your other colleagues on the course. It’s not about the Energy Evangelist being the font of all knowledge, but it is about seeing solutions working in each others businesses and making real savings.

You can make savings up to 30% off your current utility bills.

So the big question is “Would that money be useful to your business and keep your cash flow in the black”?

Come and join the masterclass on the 10th of Sept at 2pm and start to learn together.

I’m Jon Mullen the Energy Evangelist, and you can find out more atĀ

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