Evangelist Talks Mar 21 – Building Energy Management Systems

Welcome to the Mar 21 edition of The Evangelist Talks.

I’m Jon Mullen The Energy Evangelist

I’m Laura Short The Queen of Green@Heart

We’re talking about Building Energy Management Systems because you can save 20 or 30% off your energy bills! Is this something which is of interest to you?

Last month – We were talking about purchasing energy and how to take the stress out of making those purchasing decisions for the next three years. You can find the video on the EnergyEvangelist.co.uk blog page.

We really would love you to send us your problems so we can help you find solutions – Send us a message on Facebook/LinkedIn or email EnergyEvangelist@EnergyPriceSaver.com

This edition today is all about building energy management systems for your business buildings

What sort of things could fall into this topic?

So many decisions to make, and when you are in business you never have enough time. So we want to help you make the right decisions in the least amount of time with the least stress.

What will we start with

– Audit

– Maintain

– Internal or external management – Saving you time as well as money.

– Energy Reduction?

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