Energy Generation 101 – Ground Source Energy

Can I really get heat from the ground?

Hello my friends, I’m Jon Mullen the Energy Evangelist and we’re talking about #SaveEnergySaveMoney. Today we are talking about ground source heat pumps and how we can heat our houses and offices from the ground near your building.

Did you know that underground temperatures stay the same no matter what the season is? In the UK underground it is a reasonably constant 11 degrees centigrade every day of the year. So how can we get access to this heat source? Well a ground source heat pump is very similar to your fridge in your kitchen but we run it in reverse. This is accomplished by heating a cold liquid by running it through pipes over a large area on your property, or drilling down vertically for approximately 100m. Then when the liquid is heated it is compressed and we end up with a liquid at about 50 degrees centigrade. This is hot enough to run an underfloor heating system to heat your house. And during the summer you can reverse the system and your house can be cooled down.

However, this is a big investment as ground source energy systems have a typical cost between £10k and £18k, but currently you can also claim back this cost from the Renewable Heat Incentive which offers quarterly payments over 7 years to pay for the installation and running costs.

I’m Jon Mullen the Energy Evangelist. Come and find out how to #SaveEnergySaveMoney at

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