Don’t Glare At Me!

Hi folks, I’m Jon Mullen the Energy Evangelist. This month we’re looking at savings on your HVAC resources (that’s your Heating, Ventilation and Air Con), and today we’re talking about direct sunlight control

Double / triple glazing is an amazing invention and now you have even more options. During the summer months you can have far too much heat and glare, and during the winter months you want to keep in as much heat as possible. New glazing solutions can give you the option to filter the intensity or glare, but they can also stop heat loss to control temperature levels in your building. Solar control coatings reflect the heat from the sun back and keeps the heat out of your office, keeping the inside cooler in the summer months. It can also significantly reduce the amount of heat that is able to pass out of your office during winter providing you with a more comfortable and usable space. This will reduce your heating and air conditioning running costs.

I’m Jon Mullen the Energy Evangelist. Come and find out how to save more energy and cash at

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