Circular Economy 101 – What is the Circular Economy?

What is the Circular Economy – is it a new way of thinking?

I’m Jon Mullen the Energy Evangelist and we’re talking about #SaveEnergySaveMoney.

Actually the circular economy has always been around us. Look at the plants, animals and insects. What is waste for one animal is the food source for others. If an apple falls off a tree and rots down into the ground then the elements of that apple become part of the food system for the insects, animals and fungi which feed from it.

The problem is that the human race has forgotten to think of this cycle because plastic has become so convenient. I was told a simple fact not long ago and it blew my mind – every single piece of plastic which you have ever touched still exists somewhere on earth. So every crisp packet, every sweet wrapper, every plastic bottle that you have used still exists somewhere, and most of it will exist in the form of waste and garbage. We need to change.

Some companies are starting to ask themselves. Can we return these boxes to the supplier? Can we use wood or paper during transport for protection? Do we need to use this cling film? Or can we ask the client to return the packaging to allow us to re-use it again?

There are even companies who help business users to transport their materials in waste free containers. And if the containers get broken then they in turn are re-manufactured into newer containers.

We are human and we can choose to think in a different way. When do you want to start?

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