Christmas 101 – Wasting Energy

Hi folks, I’m Jon Mullen the Energy Evangelist. This month we’re looking at savings over the Christmas period and today we’re talking about wasting energy.  

So I have 2 questions for today. The first one is how many times does a kettle need to be boiled. If someone else has boiled the kettle do we really need to reboil  within 5 minutes if there is still enough water for your use? Recently I’ve started to notice thermos kettles which will hold the heat inside the kettle which should mean you need to reboil less. I just found this information. Back in 2012 Cardiff University studied  consumption patterns  for kitchen appliances – this may have changed slightly – they found 34% of the electrical energy used for cooking went on kettles, 24% on kitchen hobs, 23% on ovens and 19% on microwaves. So that mug of tea is perhaps costing rather more than we thought. So the question is when will you be changing your kettle?

The 2nd question is how long does a teenager need to spend in my shower? Does it really have to be 30 minutes minimum? If you have the same problem please reply with your solutions. Some of mine are banging on the door, or just turn off the boiler and walking away.

So that’s enough for today.

I’m Jon Mullen the Energy Evangelist. Find out how to #SaveEnergySaveMoney at

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