About Energy Price Saver Ltd

We are a Lancaster based (Centre of Britain - nearly?) business specialising in the development of energy cost reduction.  We have established relationships for every utility supplier to the British market.  We have the ability to review your water, electricity and gas usage and identity the optimal business energy tariff that you should use.  We can then secure this best rate for you by comparing the discounted tariffs available through us for our client base.

Why Use Energy Price Saver Ltd?

We operate completely independently, with no preferred energy suppliers.  This allows us to offer completely impartial advice on how to limit your utility costs.

Our consultants have backgrounds in electrical installation and design, software and business analysis / consultancy. We have been working in the local Small Medium Enterprise (SME) marketplace for the past 14 years.

We believe you need to know your clients and find out where they are going! Did we mention Relationship and Communication? Let’s keep talking.